Saturday, 7 January 2012

First (and hopefully last) false alarm!

So first I should say happy New Year to you all :) and my apologies for leaving it so long before updating this. It's been busy busy busy over Christmas and New Year with loads of people visiting, eating too much, sleeping too much, watching loads of movies and generally just being a lazy bum!

As most of you all know now I got my first call on Thursday night. Of course it had to come on the one day of the week Rab is out of the house at basketball training didn't it? Just really lucky he was already on his way home so I got to see him before I got carted off down to the Freeman hospital in Newcastle in the back of THE most bumpy ambulance in the west of Scotland. Rab and my mammy followed us down in his car and even managed to beat us cause we got lost. Whole lotta good that is; an ambulance that doesn't know where it's going! I'm actually pretty gutted I never got flown down in a helemacopterer :( I was looking forward to a wee shot in it too, but we got there eventually by about half 1 in the morning.

Went through all the usual things you'd expect; bloods taken, x-ray, waiting, a bath with some surgical body wash, pop on a sexy hospital gown, remove all your jewellery, wait a bit more, nil by mouth, even more waiting. All the while the transplant co-ordinator was popping in and out keeping us updated on the whereabouts of the lungs etc and when to expect to be taken down to theater. Everyone was expecting to have had a yes or no by about half 5 but it came and went with no news and that was when we got told about 7am it was a no-go because the lungs weren't looking as healthy as they'd hoped.

I can honestly say I felt neither up nor down. I really expected to feel more disappointed but maybe it's just because we've been through so much these past few months that nothing seems to upset me any more. I've become so used to plodding along in my wee flat with Rab and having people pop in and out for visits that it's almost as if I can't imagine things being any different. It's been so long since I've been out to do normal things like go to the shops or the cinema, visit mates, go for a meal or even just a drive that I've forgotten what being normal is like. I guess I can't imagine getting my transplant because I've never been through anything even remotely similar to it in my life.

What we should never forget is the person who lost their life and donated their self literally to give someone else a longer life. My thoughts are with this persons family at this time of grieving but I admire the strength they had at that time to come together and allow the organs to be donated.

I hope all of you who are reading this are already organ donors because I really believe it's one of the greatest gifts you could ever give. Spread the word too and even if only one more person signs up, that's at least one more life that could be saved.

Also want to thank everyone for their lovely texts, comments and messages on facebook. It makes me smile seeing how many people who are sending their support and I can't describe how much of a difference it makes in keeping me fighting on till I get that call that's going to change my life :)

Until then I've got my trusty NooNoo to keep my wee lungs puffing away!

Much love to you all :) x