Wednesday, 26 October 2011

No news is good news

The bad news is I'm back in hospital, but the good news is I managed to stay at home for a whole 3 and a half weeks!! That's the longest I've managed without IV's in months! I'm not actually too unwell at the moment (well still needing my NIV 24 hours a day but compared to how I have been previously) but decided to come in for a wee course of IV's to keep me feeling fabby! I even managed to come into the hospital in Rab's car, no blue flashy lights this time.

So I don't really have much more to report than that. Everything's been rather uneventful recently. No calls from Newcastle. Just sat at home with Rabbity and being kept on our toes with Twitch misbehaving - who's getting booked in to have his prized jewels removed soon to try calm him down a bit cause he's being a cheeky wee monster these days! Oh if he only knew...

Hospital is so much more boring when you're less unwell!! All the remotes for the telly's in the side rooms have gone walkies which kind of makes watching the tv a bit difficult. So I'm using a universal remote my cousin got me. It does the job but I can't get the subtitles to work and with me having the hearing of an 89 year old, I can hear the telly but cant make out half the things their saying! Just canny win can you? I'm getting home for a wee bit today though so definitely looking forward to that :)

Will keep you all up to date with the dull goings-on of hospital life (feel free to drop me a text or a wee visit to keep me amused!)

Much love x

(oh and do you like my new blog design for halloween? was getting pretty bored of the other one)