Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Have no fear, I'm still here!

Well I think it's about time I updated this... And I'd be lying if I said I'd forgotten about my blog, been too busy or not had anything to talk about...

But to be perfectly honest, I just couldn't be arsed. Oops? 

Right where do I start? So much yet nothing has happened and when I come to writing it all down it becomes all mashed up cause there's so much to say but by telling everything I'd just bore you all to death and be here for days so I'll just throw down the main ones (that most of you already know but just to fill in the gaps in the bloggy world)

  • Rab and I moved into our wee flat (yey!!) with no problems, I have the place all how I like it and it's all just fabby. We're loving every minute of it and we've not murdered each other. Yet....
  • My life has turned into a zoo! We are now the proud mummy and daddy to Twitch - our wee 3 1/2 month old kitty. AND my mum decided she was lonely after I moved out so she's replaced me with a crazy little beagle pup called Dougal!
  • I no longer have a car. Boooooo! Since my mum took me off the insurance on my beloved wee Polo I've been sharing Rab's Mazda 3 (which isn't as fun to drive cause it's an automatic but shh don't tell him...) but hopefully I should be getting back onto motability next april.
That just about sums up the stupidly large gap since I last posted. My life has slowed down pretty dramatically cause I've just about constantly been unwell and on IV's (I'm actually writing this from my hospital bed). I'm not sure exactly but I think I've had about 5 loads of IV's since my last post in April and spent most of the rest of the time hole up in the flat coughing up a lung trying to keep away from Chatau Garters. Which obviously means days/nights out have kinda gone doon the drain!! Although saying that, I have managed to have a couple of wee nights out where I've probably consumed enough alcohol to make up for what I've lost out on the rest of the time...
So I've obviously still not had any calls from Newcastle offering me my shiny new lungs but they better bloody hurry up before I turn into a walking syringe of meropenam!!

I think I'll leave it at that before this post gets too long. Wasn't really wanting to go into too much detail about anything the now. Like I said, just fill in the gaps! And let you all know I've not forgotten about you's - just neglecting :) and I promise to try not neglect this as much or I'll have the bloggy police on my ass!

Much love my beauuuuutiful readers x