Sunday, 18 September 2011

Just some photies

They say a picture says a thousand words so I'll save my wee fingers from getting tired tonight and upload some photos from the past couple of weeks.

My plan is to keep documenting everything in photos throughout this whole part of my life because I can try explaining things as best I can but when it comes down to the medical things, machinery etc and sometimes it just makes things a bit more interesting :)

My morphine pump <3 (they took it off me cause I kept sending it clattering off my bed and eventually broke it... oops? so I get 2 tasty long-acting tablets a day instead now)

The part of this which was inside the artery in my wrist was flippin hugggeee! When they took it out I thought it was never gonna stop coming! You cant see it from the photo but it also had a couple of wee stitches either side to hold it onto my hand because of it being in my artery. Dont fancy that falling out in the middle of the night!

Yep this is actually my hand. When I was trying to explain to people how swollen I was from all the fluid retention I don't think they quite understood how bad it was. So here's a photo of my fat hand and sausage fingers. I looked like the michellin man! I'm still pretty swollen round my face, collar bones and belly but at least I can grasp a cup again :|

 Couple of photos of us right after our engagement in ICU (managed a quick 30 seconds with my NIV off to let Stuart get some photos)

Me, Rab and our haribo engagement cake (oh and Nana in the background totally oblivious to the fact we're trying to take photos)

Us with our Mummy's

Few snaps of our wee engagement party when I got moved back to Gartnavel. With my Aunt Morag in this one

My gorgeous white gold diamond ring. How could I ever say no to this?! Oh and the man too obviously...

Munching on a big BK trying to get my weight up for transplant. Much better than hospital food.

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