Thursday, 22 September 2011

Freedom on the horizon!

My wee lungs just keep fighting back! They never fail to surprise me :)
I'm now managing a wee half hour break off my NIV once or twice a day and onto 8L of oxygen just through a normal mask.

So tomorrow I'm going home for a few hours. WOOHOO!! Cant wait to get a decent dinner (we're making fajtias. mmmm...) then chill out with a good film and get loads of cuddles from my man and my kitty cat. Total bliss!

And that's just the start! The doctors are keen to stop my IV's and get me off home next week!! It's still not for definite what the plans are but they know they don't want to keep me on IV's too long as it will reduce the effectiveness of them and there isn't much point in keeping me here if I'm not on IV's. From a couple of weeks ago where the idea of me going home was a total no-go and the plan was to keep me in here until I got the call, to suddenly quite happy that I go home and wait for the call there, is a pretty huge step I'd say!

I mean, just because I'm getting home doesn't mean I'm back to my normal self. I'm still pretty unwell and things will be really different at home but we'll just have to adapt and work round it. It'll all be worth it to get to sleep in my own bed, wake up next to my new fiance every morning, eat decent food and have my wee cat to entertain me.

Obviously I'm over the moon about getting out of here but at the same time I can't help but feel a bit frustrated? It's hard to explain but it feels like if I go home I'll be waiting longer. Being in the hospital and knowing I'm going straight from here to Newcastle seemed like the last leg of the wait and it was all finally going to happen. But now I'll be going home to wait it feels like being back at square one. Which I know is not the case and I'm just being silly. I'll get the call all the same whether I'm in my flat or in this wee hospital room

Well I don't think I have anything else to report at the moment so I'll leave it at that and I'm off to wash my hair so I'm all lovely and clean for my adventure tomorrow! Exciting stuff :D

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Stuart Duffy said...

I was in the room when the doc spoke to you... so to me this is a small but welcome miracle... and heartening that your Karma is fighting your corner.

I see it as your getting more wiggle room in your wait... You go through so much mentally and physically with so little complaining that you give me both a dose of guilt for moaning about my lot and inspiration to get on with things.

Rab is a truly amazing man and I saw just how much he loved you a few weeks ago, and love you he does, in words and actions. Some might say that you are easy to love but you are a woman and that makes it fraught with obstacles. (I'm not referring to Noo Noo kisses though these are obstacles).

I feel a little privileged to be in your life and enriched by your approach, Maggie thought the world of you and I feel the same way.

I have juicy gossip for you too, which makes it better than the "Oh God, does he never stop talking... and what the hell is he going on about" stuff you usually get.

My eyes got teary reading your entry and that stuff seldom happens. Twitch will be excited at your return and once again, you have a natural wow factor I aspire too.

Give my best to Rab and loads and loads of soppy stuff to you xxx


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog and you sound a really positive person. I truly believe in the power of positive though. You've got a good man by your side too.

Lennard's mum

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