Friday, 15 April 2011

A year older

Well I would have been on to update this earlier but I've been busy busy busy! It was my 19th birthday last thursday. Seriously can't believe a year's passed that quickly already! So much has happened, changed, I've grown up, met new folk, drifted away from a few. But the main thing is I'm still here. That might sound a wee bit morbid but a year is a pretty long time when it comes down to illness and needing a transplant. I'm still battling away but I actually feel like I'm coping (physically and mentally) a million times better than I was this time last year.
I mean, obviously my actual lung function isn't any better cause they cant heal themselves (although it would be pretty bloody nifty if they could!) but I can do so much more than I could when I first got put on o2. I can walk further, stay awake through the day like a normal person, get out more, enjoy myself on nights out if I have a drink and generally have so much more energy. So I'm guessing its all down to being on my NIV overnight, working up my fitness levels and building up leg muscle (no longer have wee chicken legs! got myself some meaty looking pins here). Oh and obviously just sticking with all my meds and physio, but that goes without saying doesn't it.

So as I was saying in my last blog that I had plans to go away to Edinburger for a couple of nights with my knight on shining wheels :D
Well it was pretty amazing. I wasn't actually feeling too great but I was determined not to cancel so I dragged my wee bum up there. It was so worth it though. Didn't really venture out much further than the hotel room actually and we only left the hotel on the first night to go for dinner in a wee italian bistro just up the road (where I managed to embarrass myself within like 10 minutes of sitting down by accidently launching my knife across the table... only I could manage these things!), then to a wee pub for a couple of drinks before heading back upto the room to get fired into a nice big bottle of pink champagne. Mmmm! The rest of our wee trip was spent lazing about in our big queen size bed, ordering meals on room service and looking out the huge floor-to-ceiling window over the grassmarket and up at Edinburgh castle. Rab totally spoilt me! He made a potentially dull 2 days in a posh hotel room special :)

Unfortunately I ended up back in hotel Garters the morning after we got home but I'm feeling loads better already so I'm at home finishing my IV's. Absolutely no complains! Lou is content :)

Thought I'd add some photos on here of our wee trip for those who haven't seen them. The rest are on my Facebook.
And I'll leave you all with these. Much love x

View from our window

The room. Not sure why they gave us 2 queen size beds right enough!

View at night :) so pretty. The moon looked really cool too

Me and the boy

Room service! This was my birthday dinner. Was actually so yummy

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