Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gone Too Soon

Yesterday the world lost a beautiful girl.

Since I found out last night I've been thinking what I could say and right now I'm still lost for words. You only need to glance at her Facebook page and see how distraught all her friends, and those who's lives she touched are.
Jenny McKay was a girl who was in my year at high school and although I only spoke to her years ago when we were all in first year at Park Mains, her sudden death has shocked me just the same as everyone else.

But it really has got me thinking how precious life is. How easy it is to bring someone into this world and even more so, how quickly those lives can end. I hear of people dying of CF and other illnesses far too often. When I do it always gets me thinking like this. But as upsetting and shocking it can be to hear of another young person losing their life to CF, it really hits home when it's someone like Jenna who never had a chronic lung disease or was waiting for a transplant to extend her life expectancy. She was a fit and healthy girl with her whole life ahead of her. With so much more to experience, people to meet, memories to make.

I'm always trying to make the most of now just in case tomorrow doesn't come and get others to do the same.
Smile when you're feeling down and laugh when you feel like crying.
Say yes to meeting someone new you wouldn't normally make friends with.
Try something you've never thought of doing before.
And make sure everyone you love and care for knows it!

There's nothing I can say to everyone that's not already been said or even soften the blow the loss has caused but there's no harm in trying. My thoughts are with all of Jennas' family, friends, and anyone who was blessed with knowing such a genuinely beautiful girl. 


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