Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Merry Pancake Day

Well I think it's safe to say I deserve a slap on the wrist (or more like a boot up the arse) for neglecting my blogging duties for so long. Massive apologies and I promise to try harder to keep everyone updated from now on! Maybe...

Anyway! I suppose I can tell you's that the lack of entries means there hasn't been any disasters to let everyone know about. Life has been pretty great so far this year. Only had one hospital admission and, although I was really unwell when I got taken in (was collected by the green men and the big flashy blue lights!), I was back to my normal happy self within a few days then let home to finish my second week of IV's myself.

Obviously still no calls from Newcastle except the usual wee chat and request to stealz my bloodz. But I'm having fun with how things are at the moment to be honest. Getting out the house with mates every day, nights out and parties for a wee drink, eating loads (hello appetite!), getting my motivation back for photography and I've got pretty close to someone who just makes me feel amazing! He makes my tummy feel all fuzzy!! ;)

Well I'm off to go make a load of pancakes - since it's pancake Tuesday obviously - then eat that load of pancakes. Omnomnomnom! Enjoy your pancakes everyone!


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Tori said...

Ha ha have I inspired you to get back into photography with my crappy pictures? xx

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