Sunday, 24 October 2010

And I'm feeling good...


Well I'm feeling like a happy wee chappy just now. Despite being a bit chesty everything else is going quite well.
Patched things up with Dean last week so he came over last night for some chinese and a wee cosy night in with a few drinks. Although we did fall asleep at 11pm totally sober, but despite that it was nice to spend some proper time with him. And obviously waking up and getting a cuddle this morning is always good! He still gives me butterflies! Feel like a daft wee girl getting excited over such things but life would be boring if I never.

I've got loads planned for the next week: Whats the Damage?! are playing a charity gig to raise money for Erskine hospital tonight, going to scare the living daylights out of myself at Paranormal Activity followed by dinner at TGI's for Chris's 20th, then it's Halloween on Sunday!!

Always loved Halloween. It's so much better than Christmas in my opinion. I love dressing up and seeing other people's costumes, laughing at guys wearing their girlfriends clothes, watching scary films, eating loads of rubbish, so many parties and nights out. Sadly due to the time scale I had to get my costume together it's not going to be great. Had to settle for Betty Boop. So fingers crossed it pulls together and everything arrives in the post on time! Still to decide what I'm actually doing right enough... Town? Gig? Hall party? House party? Throw a party myself? Decsions, decisions!!

So everythings going well just now. Have a feeling I'll have to give up and go in for IV's after Halloween but with a bit of luck I'll get to do them at home and I'll be feeling fabby after that!

Roll on this week!!

Saturday, 23 October 2010


Hey all. I really need to start updating this more regularly! I always think of things I'd like to post about but then when I dont have the time to write about it, I forget about it. Then it comes to times like now when I'm about to write something and I can't choose what to talk about! Oh the dilemma!

So I'm still out the hospital and still well and still really busy out and about doing things. I've been out nearly 3 months now and even managed my 2nd port flush! Which is a new record for me! I can feel myself getting a bit chesty now but I'm determined to make it past Halloween. I wanna party!!

Well anyway. So recently I've been thinking, what with everyone started uni and college, its made me want to do something with my life. Right now. Not wait till after transplant. Cause who knows how long that'll be or if it'll even happen. Problem is, that I wouldn't manage to hold down a course or job because I'd just struggle so much from having constant time off.
Then I had a brainwave; why don't I learn a new language?! I was always hopeless at french in school because I missed too much of the basics at the beginning and never had the help to catch up. But if I were to buy one of those help teaching CD's then I could learn it at my own pace and whatever language I wanted.

France is never a country I've wanted to go back to or could see myself travelling so I was thinking Spanish is more realistic? I think it's a nice sounding language. Very sexy! Ha! Maybe even charm a nice Spanish boy...

So anyway if I have the money when I get paid then I'm going to order a language pack, get my finger out and make something of the life I've got. Or maybe I'll sweet talk mummy into buying it :)

Anyone got any more ideas of what productive things I could do to fill my time? Bearing in mind I'm pretty lazy and have always needed someone standing behind me pushing me on with things. Or possibly someone to stand over me and tell me to keep going?

All suggestions and offers welcome!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New ink

Afternoon! So yeah I've realised at the end of my last post I told everyone I had a surprise and that was over 2 weeks ago now. Pretty much everyone knows I've got a new tattoo now but I might as well post a bit of explanation behind why I got it and such.

I was wanting to do something to mark the start of my 'new life' as such which hopefully this transplant will give me. But after speaking to the transplant team down in Newcastle they told me they don't advise getting tattoos and piercings post tx - hence why I got it now and so suddenly.

So it's of a big phoenix with a scroll flowing round it with the word 'breathe' on it. The meaning behind it all is pretty obviously but to those who don't know what a phoenix symbolises (or even what it is) here it is. A phoenix is a pretty amazing looking mythical bird which symbolises 'rebirth' and 'new life'. If you've ever seen or read Harry Potter then you'll have seen one there. Their really beautiful things to get as a tattoo. So much can be done with them in terms of size, colour and detail.

Well that's where it came about :) It's totally healed now and it's looking fabby! I love it to bits! 

Here's a photo of it!