Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Scary times!

Well hey there. Thought I better update this to fill people in over the past 4/5 days (as best as I can remember which might not make much sense but I'll give it a go anyway!).
I was in Garters for a couple of weeks just for some IV's, nothing serious just had a bit of a cough and things but all was well when I got out. So I was discharged on the Wednesday and was absolutely fine till Saturday when I got really short of breath but decided just to chill out, do some extra physio and hope I'd be better in the morning. Obviously never worked though! I was only sleeping for about 2 hours before I woke up in total agony. Honestly thought I'd collapsed my lung!!

So off in the ambulance I went with the big blue flashy lights down to A+E in the RAH. Now everything's a bit hazy from then on due to mass amounts of morphene injections I was being given and my Co2 levels were seriously high so that totally messed up my head too.

I honestly don't remember what order things happened in or what happened on what days but I was moved to high dependancy for a couple of days until I was stable enough for them to transfer me over to Gartnavel. Totally bed bound until today (god was I glad to sit on a normal toilet!) due to all the machines, oxygen, NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation) machines, venfolins, morphene access and whatever else they had invading my personal space! Not to mention all the morphene I was getting heehee! My mum told me my eyes were rolling back into my head and talking nonsence and god knows what else! None of this I can remember very well right enough.

But everyone gave me a good update on whats been going on today now I'm feeling much better. Even managed a shower and a wee wander round my room! Oh and I can get to the loo on my own too :D my dignity how I've missed you!! So everything is definitely on the right track!

I can make a joke about it all now but I really don't think anyone was laughing a few days ago. It's all a bit scary when you think how suddenly it all happened and just how unwell I was. It really hit home when they were wanting to move me to Intensive Care and just sedate me so they could ventilate me for a couple of days. Makes me so thankful to live in a country where the health care is so good and free! All the nurses have been amazing both in high dependancy and my usual nurses/doctors/physios etc up here in Gartnavel. I think lucky is an understatement! 

A big thanks to my Mum who's been at my bedside every single day (even at 3 in the morning in A+E). Kirstie who was there to meet me coming out the ambulance at Garters, rubbing my back and held my sickbowl while I chucked up my guts (yummy!) and has been up watching over me for hours on end every day.
And to Chris who jumped straight up to see me in high dependancy and held my hand because I was so scared and just needed someone to hold onto and make me feel safe again.
I'd never have done it without these people and everyone who's been phoning my mum and facebooking me! Definitely gives you something to keep strong for! Actually can't say thankyou enough.

You can now get in contact with me over facey or give me a text and I'll reply (making sense this time). Apologies for all the texts that have been ignored over the past few days! But I promise I'm not talking like a scary junkie anymore :)

Much love xx

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Tori said...

Glad things are starting to improve!! Scary times!!

The taking away of dignity will help prepare you for post transplant, think of it that way!!

Keep on getting better xx

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