Friday, 31 December 2010

New year, new lungs?

Just a quick blog tonight cause I have to go start getting ready to party and bring in the new year!

Well 2010 has without a doubt been my worst year so far. My health became dramatically worse and my quality of life completely changed. Right from the first week in January it's been a bit of a rough ride. Getting pneumonia, needing o2 24/7, being diagnosed with diabetes, getting to the stage in my life where I need a transplant, the transplant assessment, having to start overnight feeding, a few really bad infections, being started on NIV overnight. It's just been one problem after another.

But all these rough times have made me look at life in a totally different light. Made me appreciate that I've made it to 2011 and still in good enough shape to celebrate it like every other 18 year old would. With plenty of booze and a good party! I realise things could be a whole lot worse and I'm so thankful I've had the medical care thats kept me going. Not forgetting my mum and all my friends (the ones who have stuck by me the whole way, the new ones I've made and even the ones who I might have lost along the way) and the guy who really kept me going up until the last few months. Things might have ended badly but I still remember that things were good, he was a huge part of my life for a year and he was literally my rock through the life changing times I went through at the start and middle of the year. I couldn't have asked any more of him at that time.

So with some old friends and some new I'm running (well maybe not running. Might get a bit breathless ha!) head first into 2011 and hope that this year brings more luck on the health front and that I'll be here this time next year with a different story to tell. Maybe even with some shiny new lungs! Then I really can go running into the new year!! :D

I hope everyone out there has a great night and makes 2011 everything they want it to be. Remember it's your life, you might not be able to control everything that life throws at you but you can try to take a different outlook on things and stay optimistic no matter what happens. Use the negative things to make you stronger for next time round and use the positive things to keep you battling on through the bumpy bits! You only get one chance at it so don't waste it!


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Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration ^__^

You are one of the toughest people i know and i hope next year brings you everything you want ^__^

this is Keith btw :)

Tori said...

I have all my fingers crossed that 2011 will be your year xx

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