Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New ink

Afternoon! So yeah I've realised at the end of my last post I told everyone I had a surprise and that was over 2 weeks ago now. Pretty much everyone knows I've got a new tattoo now but I might as well post a bit of explanation behind why I got it and such.

I was wanting to do something to mark the start of my 'new life' as such which hopefully this transplant will give me. But after speaking to the transplant team down in Newcastle they told me they don't advise getting tattoos and piercings post tx - hence why I got it now and so suddenly.

So it's of a big phoenix with a scroll flowing round it with the word 'breathe' on it. The meaning behind it all is pretty obviously but to those who don't know what a phoenix symbolises (or even what it is) here it is. A phoenix is a pretty amazing looking mythical bird which symbolises 'rebirth' and 'new life'. If you've ever seen or read Harry Potter then you'll have seen one there. Their really beautiful things to get as a tattoo. So much can be done with them in terms of size, colour and detail.

Well that's where it came about :) It's totally healed now and it's looking fabby! I love it to bits! 

Here's a photo of it!

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