Sunday, 24 October 2010

And I'm feeling good...


Well I'm feeling like a happy wee chappy just now. Despite being a bit chesty everything else is going quite well.
Patched things up with Dean last week so he came over last night for some chinese and a wee cosy night in with a few drinks. Although we did fall asleep at 11pm totally sober, but despite that it was nice to spend some proper time with him. And obviously waking up and getting a cuddle this morning is always good! He still gives me butterflies! Feel like a daft wee girl getting excited over such things but life would be boring if I never.

I've got loads planned for the next week: Whats the Damage?! are playing a charity gig to raise money for Erskine hospital tonight, going to scare the living daylights out of myself at Paranormal Activity followed by dinner at TGI's for Chris's 20th, then it's Halloween on Sunday!!

Always loved Halloween. It's so much better than Christmas in my opinion. I love dressing up and seeing other people's costumes, laughing at guys wearing their girlfriends clothes, watching scary films, eating loads of rubbish, so many parties and nights out. Sadly due to the time scale I had to get my costume together it's not going to be great. Had to settle for Betty Boop. So fingers crossed it pulls together and everything arrives in the post on time! Still to decide what I'm actually doing right enough... Town? Gig? Hall party? House party? Throw a party myself? Decsions, decisions!!

So everythings going well just now. Have a feeling I'll have to give up and go in for IV's after Halloween but with a bit of luck I'll get to do them at home and I'll be feeling fabby after that!

Roll on this week!!

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Auntie morag HK said...

You sound really on top ... Deans sounds like hes a very special person . Good luck with the IVs at home place to be.

Auntie morag xx

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