Tuesday, 3 August 2010

On the mend.

Thought I'd put in a wee entry since I'm awake and got my concentration back.

First news is that I'm much better now :) woohoo! back on my usual 4L of oxygen through my nasal canula. Which makes me a happy bunny cause I was ready to hang myself with that silly big oxygen mask I was wearing for days. Couldn't eat, drink, talk, brush my teeth, do my hair, or pretty much anything with it on. Plus from having a big bit of sweaty plastic stuck to my face all the time its made me break out in spots pretty badly. So as you can imagine I'm looking super sexy right now! Also I've been taken off the huge dose of IV steroids they had me on twice a day, which I think was the reason for my lack of concentration. I was going AWOL! Must have looked like I had ants in my pants cause I honestly couldn't sit still. Or hold a conversation. Or control my moods. So apologies to anyone who was unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of my mood swings. I promise I'm not usually like that! :P So anyway back to the point in hand, I'm feeling much better than what I was when I came in, so by the end of the 2 weeks I should be feeling fabby!

I'd just like to say quickly about the windows in this place. I dunno, maybe its the OCD/clean freak in me taking over but my god you have no idea how badly I want to wash the outside of them! Anyone who's been up to visit me or been in Gartnavel themselves will understand what I'm talking about. Their so dirty that its actually difficult to see out them. Which is a shame cause there's a pretty good view over Glasgow from up here. It makes me genuinely really agitated just looking at them! AGHHH! Maybe if I say that their affecting my mental health they'll let me go out and wash them myself? :P

Yesterday my mum and Nana then best mate Kirstie came up to visit me :) which was a good laugh. Dean came up on Sunday and my sister is apparently coming up tonight. That's more people that have visited in ages just in a few days! It does kinda get me down sometimes cause when they hear that I'm back in hospital, so many people tell me they'll come and visit and sometimes even tell me which day they'll be up. But no one ever turns up. I'm not pointing any fingers or naming anyone cause there is a huge amount of people who have done this to me. And I know people are busy with work or just generally living their lives but I still can't help feeling a bit upset and let down when they don't turn up. I'd rather everyone didn't bother telling me they were going to visit until they definitely knew they were going to come. Even if its last minute its always a really nice surprise when someone calls and says their on their way up to see me. It gets so lonely sitting up here in a room for 2 weeks and because I've been in and out of hospital so much my whole life, I guess people just assume that I'm used to it and so theres no need to visit me. It's also really stressful on my mum. she comes up every day so its always nice to tell her she doesn't need to bother coming up cause I've got other visitors. So even though I'm kinda used to getting let down now, I don't think I'll ever be totally fine about it. I still can't help feeling a bit rubbish when I don't hear back from someone or they make other plans instead. Sorry rant over :P

That's all I have to say for the now. Keep getting distracted by '10 years younger' on the telly :P and dinner will be round any minute. Not that dinner is going to be anything worth getting excited about but I'm hungry so it'll need to do!

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Ruth Jay said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better hun!

The windows in that place are a disaster, I really wanted to climb out and clean them too lol.

Visitors are great, but the people who say they'll come then don't really get you down, and I find in there it's hard to just let it slide cause you really could do with the company :(

hope you continue to get even better :) xx

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