Thursday, 29 July 2010

Knocked back down again

So I'm back in Gartnavel. Not much of a surprise there since its been about 6 weeks since I was last in. But this time I'm really not too great!

It was all pretty sudden to be honest. I was out enjoying myself shopping on Friday, at a hen party on Saturday night, having Dean over on Sunday, cinema with Kirstie on Monday. All normal stuff and really busy in terms of my life. Then BAM! Monday night I start struggling out of nowhere. Well at least we never faffed about with the 'feeling-a-bit-under-the-weather' and wasting time this time eh? :P straight to the point! Although I would have liked it if I hadn't dropped this low.

So Wednesday was my first time in an ambulance. Sadly though, I was too ill to enjoy this new experience (but then that would defeat the purpose of an ambulance) and spent the whole journey chucking up my guts into a cardboard sick bowl (facing backwards in a fast ambulance and while your feeling nauseous isn't the easiest thing to deal with) and of course, really struggling to get a breath.

I was brought up to the ward, blasted with 15 litres of oxygen, had a venfolin put in my hand to get fluids, given an x-ray on the ward, given an ECG (which is a wee scan of your heart), my blood gasses checked, normal bloods taken and bombarded with the usual questions. But I was so exhausted I can't actually remember much except for that. What I do remember is later on when I tried walking the 5 steps to the toilet, I nearly passed out and it took a good 40 minutes or so to get back to normal except for the pounding sore head it gave me which took hours to get rid of. This tiny wee toilet adventure resulted in more doctors being called up, another ECG being taken and worst of all, my dignity ripped right from me as I was told if I needed to go, I had to use the commode. Anyone who knows me will be aware that this wont have gone down well as I'm quite a private person. So sitting in the middle of my hospital room peeing into a bedpan did not make me happy in the slightest! Even getting a nurse I never knew to help me into my PJ's didn't seem too bad after that.

Today was pretty uneventful and I spent most of it sleeping. Despite that things have improved and I'm now walking to the loo on my own so tomorrows challenge is to get into the shower to have a good scrub and wash my hair. With a bit of help from a nurse though (might as well just give in and leave all the dignity to the side till I can afford to pick it back up).

Well I'm off to get ready for bed (on my own yey!). Not sure when I'll update this cause I have pretty much zero concentration right now. I'd be happier staring at the wall in silence for hours rather than playing with my phone, talking to someone or watching the telly. Does anyone else ever get that or am I just a bit special? Speak to you all in a bit and I'll post again if anything else worth talking about happens.

And apologies for this being so boring. Like I said, I cant concentrate so writing this is, to say the least, a bit of a chore right now.


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Tori said...

Aw hun that's crappy!! I hope things pick up soon!!

I had my first non transplant ride in an ambulance a few months before I got my transplant and it's no fun at all. Sending you big hugs xx

Becca said...

Thinking of you pet! Love and hugs to you <3 x

eva said...

aw louuu! hope youre out of there soon!

yes you are a bit special :P but i do that too! i get bored of internet/tv/everything so quickly. i prefer to stare at my celing mind you!

Stuart Duffy said...

Love you girl!

Take the moment to get your bearings. You are one of the bravest people I know, Maggie was of the same opinion and, as I have told you, you have inspired!

Sleep and fluids are a good start... wish there was something more I could do and you know that if you need something I am there... you know this!

Assume I am awake 24/7 if I am not on FB then text me and I can FB/Text/MSN.

I'll pop in and see your mum, and I am awaiting the "come see me" from you as per our text.

You are a babe x

Anonymous said...

hey louise , it is kirsten xx
i really hope your okay soon xxx

i am sure you will pull through like you always doo xxxx

love you :D ,
Kirsten xxxx

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